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Used tea leaves for your plant? Why not?

Teatery offer free used tea leave for your little garden.

At Teatery, we make our fresh tea every 4 hours, in some busy days we have up to 20lb of used tea leaves. After doing research about used tea leaves benefits for garden and compost, we decided to give out used tea leaves for free of charge.

Tea leaves are a great source of organic material for gardens and compost piles, as well as soil amendments. As a “green” or nitrogen-rich component of compost, it provides a valuable counterbalance to the “browns” or carbon-rich materials.

Tea leaves for your garden is win - win for both Teatery and our customers, together we can reduce the waste and put it to the good use.

This used tea leaves are offer on first-come, first-serve basic. You can call the store to check if any available.

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